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Kimberly R. Smith, LMSW, MBA



Masters of Business Administration

with a concentration in Healthcare Administration


Texas A&M University at Corpus Christi

Masters of Science in Social Work

with a concentration in Direct Practice Counseling


The University of Texas at Arlington

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

with a minor in Criminal Justice


Abilene Christian University

As the founder of HealthcareACE, Kimberly Smith has over fifteen years of experience working in healthcare management.  Her experience in managing the operations of multiple-physician private practices, as well as having been a mental healthcare provider herself, have allowed her the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the healthcare system. 

During her years of clinic management, Kimberly quickly learned the pressures of insurance companies and hospital systems to take over private healthcare. Seeing this trend and believing that the two most important parts of the healthcare system are the patients and the healthcare providers, Kimberly was led to her vision for HealthcareACE – an opportunity to advocate for the independent providers and patients by offering solutions for Healthcare Answers through Consultation and Education. 


HealthcareACE strives to empower healthcare providers so they can continue to grow in the private practice setting and remain independent from the hospital systems.  


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